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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software & Mapping

Geographic Information System (GIS) software allows its users to analyze, process and visualize information to assist in solving problems and making sound planning and business decisions. But, to be effective, a system must be practical. Thrasher’s team utilizes commercially available software as well as develops custom GIS software to provide user friendly workable tools for resolving everyday issues.

Clients ranging from small public utilities through large, metropolitan areas have benefitted from Thrasher’s full-service approach to GIS, including our in-house survey and field verification personnel.

Thrasher’s commitment to training and on-going technical support makes certain you benefit from all applications of your GIS.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software & Mapping

Our GIS mapping and software development services and applications include:

  • MetroGIS – Government infrastructure / Planning & zoning / Public works / Law enforcement / Tax mapping
  • Public Utilities – Water / Wastewater / Storm water
  • Natural resource management & mapping
  • Environmental studies / Oil & gas industry / Land & timber management
  • Custom GIS software
  • GIS software for E911 data collection
  • Maintenance & management of commercially available software
  • GIS marketing analysis
  • Legal displays & depositions
  • Realty location analysis
Providing our clients with useful GIS applications, Thrasher stays true to our mission:
Successful projects. Repeat clientele. It’s how we do business.

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